03 March


  • Do you know the difference between gross and net pay? 
  • Do you want to learn how much you’re paying in taxes?
  • Do you know your employer matches your Pension (TRA/PERA)?   
  • Do you know that your employer matches your Pension?
  • Do you know what you’re contributing to your 403(b) retirement?
  • Do you know where to find the employer 403(b) Matching contribution?
Do you know your employer matches your Social Security contribution? 

Get answers to these questions and more, join Katie for a 60-minute webinar on the “Anatomy of Your Paycheck” where we dive into the depths of your paycheck stub. 

  • Print your paycheck stub and bring it to the webinar.
  • You will also receive a downloadable, printable eBook for future reference and further explanation of your benefits.

To register simply reply to this email or send an email to classicfinancialadmin@lpl.com

Please include your first and last name and contact email address

You will receive two separate emails for registration: 

Form F806 signed via DocuSign is required for compliance and registration purposes.

Payable via AdvicePay for $54.00 fee.  Katie Williams will send a link to pay.

Date and Time

Thu, Mar 03, 2022

4:00p - 5:00p CST




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