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Does your current financial situation leave you feeling discouraged and searching for answers? Maybe you feel weighed down by student loans, medical bills, or consumer debt—or wonder why there is more month left at the end of your paycheck, than paycheck at the end of your month? That’s where financial coaching can help.

Financial coaching helps you develop sound money management habits that form the foundation for future wealth building and a comprehensive financial plan. Think about the process of building a house. You have to pour the foundation and give it time to set before you can begin framing out the structure. Otherwise, your entire house will be built on shaky ground. Your financial house is no different. It needs a solid foundation.

Financial coaching is: 

  • About empowerment, not judgement – Financial coaching provides the help and support you need to make confident financial decisions. It’s not about comprehensive financial planning or investment strategies—that comes later, after your foundation is firmly in place.

  • Personalized to your needs and goals - By partnering with a financial coach, you receive personalized guidance to help increase financial literacy, develop healthy money habits and take control of your personal finances. In addition to educating you on the basics of money management, your financial coach will help you:
    • Build awareness around your saving and spending habits
    • Develop a budget to track daily, weekly and monthly spending habits
    • Overcome obstacles to help you save more, spend less, and manage debt
    • Create an emergency fund
    • Properly fund for short and long-term risks
    • Put a foundation in place for building a long-term financial plan

  • Affordable - You choose how much or how little coaching you desire, based on your needs and budget.

Is financial coaching right for you? 

If you’re struggling with debt, budget management, or juggling multiple financial priorities, our financial coaching program may be the answer for you. Our financial coaching program includes:

  • One-on-one coaching from a CFP® professional 
  • A choice of program level subscription programs and fees (link to subscription form)
  • Exclusive online educational tools and content

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